The Best Coach I've Ever Met!

"I highly recommend the Personal English Course. The instructor analyzed the skills required for my successful international assignment and customized the content accordingly.

He offers exceptional support in English pronunciation, presentation techniques, intercultural communication, and global business skills. Fluent in both Japanese and English, he grasps what I really want to express in English. Moreover, he is currently assisting me with my career development!
- TH 
Japanese Pharmaceutical Company

Coaching Feedback

Question - What feedback do you have regarding coaching?


By verbalizing what I had been thinking about in my head, the issues became clearer. This was thanks to the questions you asked me from different angles to help me do that.

It also reaffirmed what my priorities are in life.

The suggestion to write down three concrete ways to get closer to my ideal state, namely thins to keep doing, things to stop doing, and and things to start doing, was also excellent. I will put them into practice immediately.

You did a great job!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Ms. Tsuji 
Executive Assistant​