About Matthew

Matthew Nisselius
President & CEO
Nisselius Consulting, Inc.

Who is

Matthew Nisselius?

Matthew has been training Japanese business people to be more effective global professionals for over 24 years.


He provides leadership and performance coaching as well as large group seminars in intercultural communication skills, business skills, and language skills to corporate clients. In addition, he has created multiple online learning programs for business professionals.


He teaches at KEIO Graduate School of Media Design, Meiji University Department of Business Administration, and Tokyo University of Science.


He has worked on many online learning platforms and projects including Cerego Japan's iKnow! platform, Cooori's TOEIC program, and Recruit's Business StudySapuri program.

セレゴ・ジャパン株式会社の語学学習のサービス「iKnow!」や株式会社コーリージャパン (Cooori Japan) のTOEICプログラム、株式会社リクルートの「スタディサプリビジネス英語」プログラムなど、多くのオンライン学習プラットフォームやプロジェクトに携わっています。

He holds a Masters of Science in Education – Curriculum, Instruction & Technology in Education from Temple University. He is also trained in the Co-Active Coaching methodology (CTI) and a certified pronunciation and accent reduction coach.

テンプル大学にて教育学修士号(教育におけるカリキュラム、インストラクション、テクノロジー)を取得しています。また、CTI(Co-Active Coaching Institute)のコアクティブ・コーチング方法論を学び、発音とアクセントの矯正コーチの資格も持っています。

Here is 

Matthew's story

1991– Rotary Club Exchange Student, Narita, Japan

His interest in other cultures and love of foreign languages first brought him to Japan to study for a year as a Rotary Club exchange student as a high school senior. He attended Narita High School where he studied Japanese and belonged to the judo team.

1999 - Graduated from University of Wyoming, B.A. in Internationals Studies

At the University of Wyoming, he studied politics, history, and culture with a focus on Asia as part of the International Studies major. He also learned Russian and spent two summers at Middlebury College intensive language course in Japanese.

2000 - Joined Berlitz Japan

He began his teaching career at Yaesu Language Center which then merged with Nihonbashi to become the second largest in the world. He excelled in serving corporate clients and managed all out service classes before being promoted to the Corporate Sales Department. At headquarters, he helped establish the Solutions Development Department to create products and services to better serve corporate clients.

2006 - Joined Cerego Japan

He was approached by the online learning company to help build out the content of the iKnow! vocabulary learning app as a Senior Content Developer then later as a Senior Developer in Partner Alliances where he worked with various publishers to license and develop content. iKnow! is currently licensed to DMM Eikaiwa.

2008 - Established Nisselius Consulting

In 2008, he established his company to better serve Japanese professionals. With a focus on language skills, business skills, and intercultural communication skills he created products, services, and seminars to support Japanese become more effective global professionals.

2011 - Masters of Science in Curriculum, Instruction, & Technology in Education

In 2009, he began his studies at Temple University Japan Campus where he focused on how to help Japanese improve their speaking through pronunciation and accent reduction and vocabulary acquisition. He earned an equivalent of a TESOL teaching certificate in addition to the strong background in educational technology.

I believe that anyone can become an 

effective global professional!

Everything starts with a growth mindset!

develop language aquisition skills!

Learn intercultural communication skills! 

Master global business skills such as presentations and discussions!

set and achieve your work and life goals!

I believe that anyone can become an 

effective global professional!


Becoming a global professional is first a matter of choice. Once you have chosen to be a global professional, you only need to develop the skills that you are lacking. The goal is not perfection, but progress! You will make mistakes and that is to be expected. It's just part of the process!